Lol Smurfs: Three Tips that Every Gamer Should be aware of

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One of the most popular online team game free to play in the gaming community right now is League of Legends; in fact, this can only imply one thing: you have thousands of competition out there to face. If you intend on getting the lol smurfs then you can be better at everyone’s most preferred DOTA-style game. It is advised that you aware of the fact that there are three League of Legends tips that you need knowledge of, most especially if you intend on being successful in the community

  1. Map Awareness – It is absolutely critical that you are awar4ew of the map if you desire to be successful in a game such as League of Legends, this is because the team-based environment and then the lane-control form of gameplay demands more situational and coordination awareness from you than other games that you familiar with. In League of Legends, it is very important that you have a bead on what the characters of your teammates are capable of, where your teammates are located, and which of your opponent is missing from your view, that is actually if you have any.
  2. Last Hitting – according to the pro players, this is an effective and interesting strategy that most players in the game are not actually paying attention to or employing in their strategies. What last hitting means is allowing the minion wave on your lane do if not all the damage or perhaps most of it to the minions of your opponent, then all that is demanded of you is attacking each minion with the final blow just so you can claim the bounty for the execution. This is a very vital strategy because when you employ it the right way, you will not only farm money but it will also assist in preventing the minion wave from quickly pushing too far to the tower of your opponent.
  3. Role Definition – Having knowledge of your role in League of Legends is one of the most forgotten tip and still the easiest so far. Knowing your role will give you an understanding on what objective the character of your choice should be fulfilling for the team at large and at the same time working towards achieving that goal during gameplay.

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