About Broken Notebook

You're probably tripping out about the name of this blog. I mean, after all, who in their right mind would name a blog "The Broken Notebook"?

The Inspiration

It’s where all started that led me to THIS.

Well, this name is actually is of sentimental value to me because it’s inspired by the first computer I used to code. 

I did not grow up in a wealthy or middle-class family. My family was a working class in the Sacramento area in California, and it was really big news in my junior high school when the Radio Shack TRS computer rolled out. I knew, at that point, that I wanted to code, but the problem was that thing costs thousands of dollars.

To say that I spent a tremendous amount of time at my junior high school’s computer lab would be put it mildly. In fact, they basically had to prevent me from pitching up a tent there because I was practically living there. I’d be more than perfectly happy to bring my toothbrush and shampoo as well as soap and just take a shower in the nearby bathroom and simply live there 24/7. That’s how hard I fell in love with coding.

The broken notebook

It all Started
with my firstnotebook.

In terms of my own personal computer, the first time that I had an actual working computer I could use on my own and at my own terms and consider my very own possession was when my friend, Nathan, upgraded his notebook. The reason why he upgraded, of course, was that he felt that his old notebook was broken.

``I mean it looked like a complete and total pile of crap``

In many cases, it acted like it; however, I loved it. I’m not talking about just using that word casually. I mean, I truly loved and respected that notebook because I was able to explore all sorts of problems and ideas by coding, and it made it easy for me. Moreover, the fact that it did not have enough memory actually pushed me to step my game up. Instead of being lazy, I had to write compact code. Early on, I learned to tighten my code to be as efficient with resources as possible.

Turned out useful

I can’t even begin to tell you how useful this habit became when it came to my professional life. I still remember vice presidents and CTOs of companies that I worked for or consulted with patting me on the back because I’ve saved them hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of dollars due to my insistence on compact code, and it all boils down to my first computer, that sad, pathetic, broken notebook. It was like a comfortable old shoe.

Honors Creativity

This blog honors the easy, cozy bouts of creativity I had with my first portable computer. I’m at my most imaginative when I’m most at ease, and that first notebook I had definitely made me feel comfortable. I remember coding when I was at a nearby café. We didn’t have Starbucks back then so we just had these mom-and-pop cafes in California and at 25-cents-a-cup of coffee. I would camp out there with my notebook and with a charger that sometimes worked and sometimes didn’t.

A good friend

My Notebook

There’s just something about that piece of computing equipment that really takes me back. Seriously. You remember the times when you were struggling, and you were trying to figure things out, and you had a good friend who always encouraged you at that time. That was my notebook.

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Our History

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