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If you judge these types of websites, based on how dedicated and how geeky the blogger behind the site is, then this blog is certainly the place

To say that I’m a geek is to put it mildly because I’m one of those guys who have always been more at ease with ideas and numbers than with people. This is why I pretty much kept to myself in junior high growing up in California all the way to university. After graduating from the University of California at Berkeley with a computer science degree, I worked for a few software companies but the love of coding for itself in the sense of discovery and freedom it brings has never left me.

This blog is really just a scrapbook of all my insights, random thoughts and, in many cases, less-than-fully-developed ideas. My hope is by sharing this content with you, we can get a conversation going as to better ways of doing things, increased efficiency, as well as possibly alternative modules which I can use in the code that I produce.

What this site is on to

Focusing Primarily on the Following

This blog focuses primarily on coding, web development, AJAX coding and otherwise solving problems using the Internet and coding creativity. As you can well imagine, the number of applications you can come up with is just truly amazing. The only limit really is your imagination and creativity. I expect to feature quite a bit of JavaScript material here that you could use for mobile apps as well as tablets.

My Personal Philosophy

There’s nothing impossible with technology.

The only limit with technology is our inability to come up with questions. The good news with coding is that the moment you are able to phrase a question the proper way is the moment you start seeing the answer materialize in front of your very eyes. Sounds awesome, right? It is!

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What Do I Love About Coding?

What is it about CODING
that is Drawing Me back?

I guess you can consider it my first love. Although I now have a wife and kids, coding has always been my first love. As I get older and as my duties and responsibilities match my age, there’s just still a sense of possibility and innocence with coding. It seems every single assignment that I have as well as every project I choose for myself opens all sorts of gateways in terms of both personal expression as well as personal curiosity. I know that sounds kind of vague. I know it seems rather amorphous. So, let me drill down a bit. Let me make it a little more concrete.

What exactly do I love about coding? Well, it doesn’t get any simpler than the fact that when you know how to code, you get to create your own reality. Seriously. I’ve always been the type of person who constantly comes up with ideas. I’ve never been at a loss for ideas. In fact, I have so many ideas that they’re basically flowing out of my ears, and I can guarantee you that half of them or even close to 90% of them are half-baked or half-developed and, really, let’s face it there is a thin line separating wishful thinking, hopeful thinking and coding ideas.

This is what’s so awesome about coding is because you have the skill set to explore those ideas you would otherwise have dismissed out of hand. Instead of making a habit of automatically thinking that certain implementations, solutions and approaches are completely impossible, you can try them out if you know how to code. In fact, I love the fact that I would take the time to do three lines of code to test whether a concept is viable. If it survives that initial stage, I would then explore further, and it becomes more and more elaborate.

Not everybody has this skill set because in the case of other people with no coding skills, you’re basically left with the disappointing situation where you either spend money developing an idea or you just ditch it altogether. It’s this either-or duality that lack of coding skills restricts people that I’m trying to escape from. At least, I have the skill set that would enable me to somehow explore some answers.

You also get to solve problems in real time. In other words, the moment you come up with a problem or appreciate a problem, you can then start describing it in such a way where you can come up with specifications that make it all that much easier to come up with software solutions. This is a big deal with me because, let’s face it, problems appear all the time. In many cases, the problem is already here. It’s just a fact that it only took us this long to realize there is a problem or at least describe the phenomenon in such a way that it can be approached as a problem.

One of the most empowering lessons I learned in school was the fact that if you are able to describe a phenomenon in such a way that you can reduce it to a problem, then you are nine-tenths of the way to solving that issue. I can’t even begin to tell you how empowering that sense is. Usually, with other people, it’s the other way around. The moment they realize that something is a problem is the moment they start panicking. It’s not uncommon for people to start acting like chickens with their heads cut off because they feel that their options are automatically restricted.

Get into the solution

Mapping out the CONNECTION
between PARTS

If you have coding skills, it’s actually the opposite. Seriously. The moment you are able to take something that is otherwise annoying you or upsetting you, and then convert that from a raw perception into a limited set of phenomena, you can adequately describe and, more importantly, logically map out the connection between its parts, you make it more likely for you to come up with a solution which would make the problem go away. Isn’t this awesome? Isn’t this empowering? The best part to all of this, if that isn’t amazing enough, is that you can make these solutions accessible to everyone in the world.

Now, let me confess. I’m a big fan of open source. The reason why I’m such a firm believer in open architecture and open source is the fact the more you spread out your code and the more people who use your code, the more they help each other fine-tune the code. In fact, if the code is popular enough, debugging happens in real time. This then ensures that everybody in the network who’s getting a copy of their code and making their own products based on it are enriched immensely. So, it really gratifies me to no end to realize that code is one of those things that gain in value the more you give it away.

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